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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

Don Smith

Don Smith
Entertainer, clown, actor, storyteller and stand up comic extraordinaire, the delightful Don Smith is a “jack of all trades” as he combines and draws on skills and training ranging from acting to improvisation, clowning and comedy.

From Edward de Bozo with his juggling, magic, balloons and silly songs to Stand Up Comic/MC with an easy conversational style that explodes myths and highlights inconsistencies, Don is a clown by day and professional idiot by night!

Don also runs regular workshops in comedy and humour for teachers, business people and aspiring comics.

Testimonial - Lisa Yugovich, Worsley Social Club

Don Smith was a great performer and the children really enjoyed his entertainment. Don's service was very efficient and much appreciated.

Testimonial - Kylie MacPherson, WA Trotting Association

Edward de Bozo is a great entertainer & the kids seem to love following him around and playing his games. He entertains the kids well and I would recommend him.

Testimonial - Siobhan Wood, Magenta

Don was absolutely perfect for the event and really generated a great atmosphere and a lot of fun for the guests. I think he pulled everything together so well and was able to keep the mood up during activity changes, etc.

Testimonial - Farhana Navana

Everything was awesome and Edward De Bozo was superb- kids loved him and his fabulous show. Thank you so much for your suggestion and your generous help! My husband thanks you for organising such a hit show! Edward De Bozo also sang along with us for while we cut the cake!