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Morgan 'Scooby' Scarfe (Mr. Ricochet)

Morgan 'Scooby' Scarfe (Mr. Ricochet)
Mr. Ricochet is no ordinary entertainer. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry charming audiences on corporate stages, cruise ships, circus big tops and festivals all over the world, it is safe to say Mr. Ricochet is much more than "just another juggler'.

The often bearded performer has always had a natural ability to turn any group of ordinary people into an energised audience. His quick comedic timing and high energy character makes him one of the most exciting additions to your event.

Mr. Ricochet is a choreographer, director, lead juggler and headline solo performer in numerous large-scale stage productions and events. You can find Mr. Ricochet performing all over the world as an International Headline Guest Entertainer with cruise ship shows for Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Mr. Ricochet also teaches circus education at schools, universities and remote communities all over Western Australia.

He also offers team building juggling and circus workshops for conferences, staff training days, conventions and companies looking to add a little extra up their sleeve in the workplace. The workshop includes useful hand-eye co-ordination exercises, juggling games and a step-by-step explanation and demonstration on how to juggle three balls and other circus props. The workshop is broken down into easily obtainable goals, which use learning to juggle as a metaphor for accomplishing tasks then closes with a "daring performance" performed by Morgan and "the boss!"