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Steve Silk

Steve Silk
Steve Silk is the smooth magician who brings fabulous magic, fun, astonishment and surprise to any celebration.

Steve entertains adult audiences, performing world-class, close-up magic in cocktail/table settings as well as on stage with his amazing comedy magic stage show. He leaves audiences laughing, gasping and having great fun.

As winner of the West Australian Society of Magician’s annual magic competition three times in the recent years, Steve is a five-star entertainer for corporate or private parties, weddings or engagement celebrations.

Steve Silk’s Comedy Magic Stage show is an engaging mix of five-star magic within a theme to keep your guests laughing, gasping and having fun. Some of the effects involve members of the audience and the volunteers are always respected and have a great time up on stage.

Steve performs close-up magic to small groups in cocktail, dinner or party settings. He builds loads of fun into these close-up magic performances that gets small groups of guests involved in astonishing magic that happens in their hands – cards, borrowed rings, rope, balloons, mobile phones etc. This is world-class magic right in front of guests’ disbelieving eyes.

Testimonial - Carol McCarthy Lay, Brindle Group

"Steve, thank you for a great night of magical entertainment at our last night Christmas Party. Everyone was amazed and were all talking about it this morning. One of best magicians I have seen and I can be hard to impress or trick! I fully recommend you to anyone looking for different novel entertainment for any event. 5 stars."

Testimonial - Brydon Eaton

"Steve's presence at my cousin’s engagement party was an absolute highlight. He was able to interact with everyone at the party and made it an unforgettable night. Steve personalized his magic act to include the newly engaged couple. He was brilliant!"

Testimonial - Mimi Mills, Swan Medical Group

"Steve was the highlight of our end-of-year surgery party! He performed his fabulous magic whilst he mingled amongst the guests, and much enhanced our party with his cool tricks and charm. Thoroughly recommend him! Thanks so much, Steve."