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Rebecca Johns

2017 WA Journalist of the Year
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The 7 Sopranos

The 7 Sopranos
Named as “Australia’s most beautiful voices,” the artists that form the ensemble are the kind of role models young girls should have: an ensemble of talented, strong and passionate women doing what they love, on their own terms.

The individual singing pedigree of each of the artists who make up The 7 Sopranos is impressive and world class: performers who are all graduates of Australia’s finest conservatories, winners of Australia’s most prestigious singing competitions and solo artists from major opera companies and orchestras internationally. Each artist has trained for at least, yep, you guessed it, seven years. Individually they are all impressive… collectively they form an outstanding world class ensemble.

The 7 Sopranos are real women with real voices, voices that do not need to rely on microphones and amplification. They are just as comfortable in a 5,000-seat arena as they are in an acoustic setting for 50. That is their calling card – incredible versatility and vocal quality of rare distinction.

From Dubai to Dubbo, The 7 Sopranos have clocked up hundreds of appearances across the globe. Reaching out to a new audience of music lovers, they successfully straddle the divide between opera and mainstream music, creating their own unique fusion of faithful classical traditions and techniques meshed with contemporary music, enchanting new and enthusiastic audiences across the globe. They continue their touring success across Australia and internationally: an accessible, affordable, living and breathing versatile all-female ensemble of breath-taking music makers.