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Japanese Flautist

Japanese Flautist
Tokyo-born Momo started playing the piano at the age of nine, then flute studies at the age of ten. She studied at the Tokyo College of Music and gave her first solo recital in Perth.

Her first concert "Very Japanese Concert" was so popular, was sold out!

In January 2009, her "kojo no tsuki" performance was used for TV documentary programme "Bombers moon". In 2010, she completed the album "Ise ~heart of the Isuzu river" which is combination of natural river sound of the sacred Isuzu river and momochiyo’s flute sound. This album certainly gives an opportunity to meet something very ancient and sacred Japanese beauty.

In 2015 she was recognised as a “Western Australian Composer” by the State Library of Western Australia, where her collection of works has been archived.