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Diamond Road

Formerly known as "The Amplifiers"
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With taste for great pulsating music that is full of energy A値lure recreate favourite tunes from such artists as Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Joss Stone and Bob Marley with ease. With a strong multicultural flavour A値lure are the epitome of professionalism. Their musical style includes popular contemporary soul and funk music from the 60痴 through to today.

To reach a polished, consistent level of entertainment excellence in this business, a band must be able to tap into a common vein of what an audience really wants. A値lure has most definitely found that vein.

A値lure, versatile, up front, involved and always mindful of the audience and its needs, believe in the show, the whole show and nothing but the show. Their music ranges from the sixties to the current generation, from the sentimental to full on party. Whatever is needed is played and most importantly always played with passion, energy and soul.

All members of A値lure have had considerable experience performing for many years in bands and venues in Perth & Eastern States.

If your looking to be entertained, then you must see A値lure!