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Jessie James

Highly motivated and charismatic MC
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Daniela Pola

Daniela Pola
Daniela Pola is a radio and TV presenter (Channel 7, 96fm), host of the entertainment and self-development podcast 'Heart Warrior', an accredited self-love coach and counselor and a motivational speaker.

Through teaching the practice of self-love, Daniela is spreading the message of how to return to our hearts and be our truest most authentic selves. How to stop listening to what society tells us to be. To reach deep inside and no matter how scary it is, stand up and say, “this is who I am and this is the life I want to live”. She wants to stand next to every woman (and man) and see them become a Heart Warrior that gets to live their yummiest and best lives every single day!

Dani has extensive corporate hosting and motivational speaking experience. Her style is upbeat and natural and her infectious energy commands a room.