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Kelly Read

Sultry and soulful, solo vocalist and pianist
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The Three Waiters

The Three Waiters

All is not what it seems.
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Matt Hale

Matt Hale
Audiences love Matt Hale – the most entertaining, original and upbeat keynote speaker on productivity and performance.

“Matt reshapes traditional motivational speaking from boring to BRAVO!”

Designed to engage and inspire a wide range of audiences, his keynotes are the perfect package to entertain AND deliver a powerful message.

Matt’s most popular keynotes:

Mindhacking Performance Under Pressure
Mindhacking Better Results, Same Effort
Mindhacking Indestructible Teams

Matt’s unique blend of off-the-wall humour and savvy insights into the human mind will still be motivating your audience long after the event is over.

Matt Hale, winner of 3 national comedy awards, former radio personality, and TV presenter for Channel Nine’s Destination WA, has entertained audiences around the world from London to Vegas (where even Mike Tyson told him ‘You are AMAZING!’)

Entertaining, original and laugh-out-loud funny! Watch the video to see Matt in Action.

Testimonial - Pippa Tearne - MBA

“Consummate professionals, absolute pleasure to work with. The whole process was a breeze, you have an incredible ability to put a panicky event manager at ease! So rare to see a crowd on their feet and so engaged! The content was appropriately tailored to our wide demographic, and the whole room was roaring with laughter.”

Testimonial - Paul Brockschlager - Australian Hotels Association

“Captivated the entire audience from the minute he walked on stage. A pleasure to work with such a professional, funny & interactive presenter, even going the extra step to incorporate our French theme”

Testimonial - Amee Triscari - ESS

“I’ve never been in a room of 400+ people who were left speechless as they were that enthralled—truly amazing.”