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Glenn Swift

Glenn Swift
Glenn Swift - the Man you want in a room full of people when something needs to be said or done, the energy needs to shift in a certain direction, or away from another.

Which doesn’t mean he is going to leave the audience entirely in passive comfort, because as much as Glenn enjoys being entertaining and useful to an audience or group as a speaker, he enjoys creating audience participation, and a feeling from all of having contributed to the occasion.

What is particularly useful about Glenn is he comes in so many different packages - Hoax Expert (name an accent, he’ll make people believe), Theme MC (appropriate material researched and written), Storyteller (he still does a lot of work with kids, and keeps 100 six-year olds focused for up to an hour - really), Group Workshop Facilitator, Games Leader, Brain-Stormer and when you need it - Quizmaster!

Comedy comes naturally to him and usually arises from a present situation. He can write funny material to order, usually after an interview with a key informant.

Glenn Swift is the consummate entertainer. He can dress as any character you'd like to imagine including a Pirate, French Policeman, Ringmaster, Gangster, Whacky Scientist, the Easter Bunny and even Santa Claus.

He can also perform characters on stilts such as Jester and the one and only Elvis Presley.

Testimonial - Emily Hayes - St Andrews Insurance

“Glenn was amazing! He completely took the stress away and had everyone hooked from his original energy-filled self-introduction to the final 'Best Dressed' award presentation. He really read the crowd and knew what would work and what wouldn't, and his 'booming background voice' during the awards was spot on"

Testimonial - Lawrence Boyle - Wild Retail Group

“Thank Glenn so much for assisting us over the weekend and making our conference such a success…I genuinely believe he gave us everything he could to make the event ‘Simply the best’. We would highly recommend him to prospective customers. Please place us on your list of referees.”

Testimonial - St Andrews Insurance - Emily Hayes

"He worked the crowd early on before everyone realised he was the MC and unearthed dirt I hadn't found in two weeks of digging. He certainly made the night what it was - he's the first thing people talk about when asked how the night was.”