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Jon Madd - Magician

Jon Madd - Magician
Jon Madd is the Enigmatic Eccentric, Entertainer Extraordinaire!

With more than a decade of performing experience, Jon is available to add that maddgic touch to your private party or corporate event.

He specialises in close-up magic, mingling with your guests & interacting with small groups at a time, engaging them in some funtertainment. Over the years, the style of his presentation has been finely tailored to match his personality and constantly honed at venues, functions and festivals - locally, Interstate and Internationally, to be perfect for breaking the ice and to get the party started, no matter how big or small!

Whilst Jon's forté is in card magic, he also work with balloons & beer bottles, rings & rubber bands, & various other common objects, ​suitable for livening any atmosphere.
The magic happens up close & personal, right under your nose, with no camera tricks, no smoke & mirrors, just his own two hands! He can tailor the magic to suit any of your specific needs.

Testimonial - Jacinda G

"Jon is one smooth operator. He has the looks, the skills, and the charm. It's impossible not to be captivated by him."

Testimonial - Basil S

"I'm not only a sceptic, but a know it all as well, and I really can't say anything bad about Jon. I wasn't just impressed, I was blown away."

Testimonial - Mohan S

"Humble patrons beware! Jon Madd has the ability to revert your mind back to a time when you actually believed in magic!"