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Faraway Land Band

Faraway Land Band
Faraway Land is a three piece live band that journeys through Disney movie soundtracks and Cartoon hits. The nostalgia of it all will bring you back to your childhood and your kids into theirs. Remember these: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, The Jungle Book, Toy Story… well the list just goes on and on and on …

This trio of overgrown kids that never grew up have got it ALL covered, weaving virtuosically, gently, and volcanically through all of these timeless jams and sing-a-longs. Far Away Land will take you on a nostalgic journey… IT’S A PROMISE!

This trio consists of frontman Freddie Mousavi, the suave Persian with an afro visible from space on lead vocal (as all the voices/ impersonators and characters), Nikki Dagostino (AKA Little Miss Squeezebox), the longlegged Barbie/ Lady Gaga of Perth city on synths and piano accordion AND last however certainly not least; Tom Langridge, Aussie Viking who thinks he can play any instrument - and does…. the cherry on top: on piano/drums/ bass/ keytar/ backing vocals/ lead vocals and all the other bits and

So dress to impress and loosen up as you go down the slide of your childhood memories in the playground of a Faraway Land