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Eclipse Acoustic Duo

Eclipse Acoustic Duo
A collective of musicians that improvise, react with the crowd, and completely buy into whatever experience you want to create. Eclipse curates each performance around what you envision and the dream atmosphere you want your guests to step into, encompassing all aspects of performance from song choice to wardrobe.

All Eclipse musicians are trained and experienced performers but, beyond that, are truly in a deep understanding of the role that live music brings. It is the heartbeat that sets the tone. To cater to various feels and settings, Eclipse can be booked in any of three band formations: (1) the Full Party Band, (2) the Acoustic Trio, and (3) the Acoustic Duo.

The Acoustic Duo is designed for relaxed atmospheres that encourage guests to feel the simplicity of the moment. The bareness of a simple guitar and a voice creates nothing to hide behind and gives guests permission to escape their concerns and just be present.