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Jessie James

Highly motivated and charismatic MC
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Gary Steel

Gary Steel
Life coach, Motivator, Maverick. Direct from London - Garry Steele is the original ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ Let Garry loose as he motivates your audience to the max.

It has been said Garry Steele is to humanity what branches are to the birds. Corporate coach extraordinaire and pioneer of the world famous motivational technique, “Exhiler8 by Eight!”.

For some Garry Steele is a myth, for others he's just a man. But for the true believers he’s a living legend.Let Garry loose as he motivates your audience to achieve their full potential -  times 8!

The West Australian described him as ‘Dangerously disturbed and disturbingly funny.’

Testimonial - Dave Kelly, LHMU

Another wonderful presentation that had everyone in hysterics. How do you do it?

Testimonial - Beat Magazine, Melbourne

Where has this guy been hiding all these years? An untapped source of laughter.