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Michelle Smith

Australia's only Jazz Harpist
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Courtney Murphy

Courtney Murphy
It seems that Australian Idol performers are often a ‘flash in the pan’ overnight sensation, but the truth behind Courtney Murphy’s success is far more involved. Courtney performs as the quintessential piano man, duo, trio and with the band he’s delighted to have shared with his brothers since 1991, Murphy’s Lore.

Boasting a CV that puts famous acts to shame and one of the finest voices in the live and recording scenes, Courtney has worked with Australia’s finest including such royalty as John Farnham, Marcia Hines and Glen Shorrock.

Whether you’d like to sip champagne and listen to impeccably performed ballads, a fun piano singalong or something to make your feet move, Courtney has what you need as a soloist, duo or trio.