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Peter Dingle

Peter Dingle
Dr Dingle is an Associate Professor in Health and the Environment at Murdoch University. He has spent the past twenty years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. He has more than 100 scientific papers, and several books.

He is a regular in state and national print media and may be heard weekly on radio and TV, reporting on health and the environment. He was the presenter on the award winning SBS program “Is Your House Killing You” and is currently filming his second series on food.

Dr D spent 15 years researching indoor air quality and health and now blends it into his ongoing research into diet and nutrition, lifestyle and environmental impacts on health, well being and productivity. He uses his ongoing personal research plus discoveries drawn from top scientists around the world to constantly update his program, maintaining cutting edge science.

Dr Dingle’s most popular presentation is:
Take Control Of Your Life - the 5 C’s By learning about the 5C's, conditioning, choices, challenges, change and commitment you can learn to take control of your life. This program shows how we can break out of the old conditioning that holds us back and create new positive conditioning. Everything we do is a choice and can either be positive or negative, but it is the accumulation of negative choices that cause problems in our life, not the one off's

In his spare time he practices what he preaches, rides a bicycle to work, loves his wife, the beach and the gym, juggles, plays with a unicycle and cooks a mean minestra (but not all at the same time!)

Dr D has a Bachelor of Education in Science, Bachelor of Environmental Science with first class honours, and a PhD investigating indoor air in homes.

Testimonial - Balya cancer sel fhelp and Wellness

What can I say but-"what a fantastic talk" you held them spellbound for a record amount of time.

Testimonial - Daniel Parry, Deakin Financial Services

The session was well received. It is still being talked about today (3 weeks later).

Testimonial - Ebony Fitzgerald, Steel Blue

Peter Dingle was fantastic, I can't rave enough about him. His tips on Taking Charge of your Life have struck a chord with all our sales force. It really was life changing and inspiring stuff.