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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

Austin Powers

Austin Powers
Add a touch of the “shagadelic” to your function – yeah, baby, yeah!

With his flamboyant ways and never-changing dress-sense, Austin Powers is made to impress. His unbeatable sexual prowess and energy (his infamous ‘mojo’) will delight and entertain guests. Your event won’t be complete without a dose of free love, crushed velvet and beetle boots!

Michael Elezovich performs 'Austin Powers' as authentically as you'll ever see!
He looks, sounds and even moves just like the real Austin Powers character - and being also a polished presenter and professional MC, he can offer you the complete package by having "Austin Powers" act as your MC during presentations - the awarding of the prizes made so much more enjoyable for your guests when they're coming from Austin Powers!Austin can also double as your auctioneer (experienced) should you have auction items on the day.

Your groovy day doesn't have to be just limited to Austin either!To make your experience even more shagadelic - Austin's friend Felicity Shagwell can be there too - Felicity is (need I say it?) - VERY shagadelic...

Michael has an uncanny ability with accents. He can MC in characters such as Austin Powers, Dr Evil or Sean Connery’s James Bond. Michael’s smooth and friendly MC style makes him a popular MC choice for everything from a ball through to a product promotion.

Testimonial - Client - 2017

"On behalf of the CEO and Executive Committee we want to write to you and your team to congratulate and thank you for ‘performing’ at our golf day. You really add to the day and turn it from great to amazing! The feedback that we have received has been overwhelming and many took to social media with video clips of you and your team."

Testimonial - Client - 2017

"Mike, we love your diversity, creativity and professionalism and the way that you really know how to manage a crowd. You go above and beyond the call of duty!! We can’t wait until the next time to meet Austin!"