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Comedy Ventriloquist Show with Drippy Dragon

Comedy Ventriloquist Show with Drippy Dragon
Imagine a bright green dragon who talks!

One of Western Australia's most loved children's shows, this fantastic duo are seen at virtually every major family event from the Perth Royal Show to The Big Kids Gig. We absolutely guarantee that you will be giggling along with the kids as Mr. Jim brings to life the most lovable little ratbag you have ever seen.

If your looking for a non-stop family comedy show for your event then this is the show for you. Mr Jim has performed for over 20 years at major events throughout Australia and internationally and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Drippy Dragon is a loveable, cheeky little ratbag who gets Mr Jim into all sorts of trouble much to the delight of your audience. The show plays to any size audience and will definitely have both kids and adults rolling in the isles. Professional entertainment at its best.

Mr Jim is a master of puppetry and ventriloquism and within moments you will forget that Drippy is not real. Probably even more important, he is also a natural at slapstick comedy and his facial expressions and comic reactions create an atmosphere of fun for even the largest audience.

Mr Jim has performed at many international resorts and events and was even invited to Brunei to perform for The Royal Family.