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Milford Street Shakers

WARNING: Will cause toe-tapping, hip-shaking, FUN!
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Visiting Artists


Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

Greg Smith (Smithy)

Greg Smith (Smithy)
Give Greg Smith a drawing tool and a piece of paper and you have an instant crowd pleaser.
Your guests will be entertained for hours as Greg caricatures them in a non-intrusive, quick and professional manner.
You'll be surprised at just how many actually offer to pose for him!
Make the most of the moment and give each guest a caricature on your own company letterhead.

Testimonial - K. Claires, Apache Corp

"Greg was fantastic! We had a great night and he provided a lot of laughs for our guests. Even got him to do one of me.. I didnít realise my nose was quite that long! Hahaha..."