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A teacher, Alvares uses kites to bring the different cultures of the world right into his classroom.

A wonderful showman, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, concentrating instead on involving children in the whole process of kite-making and flying. For him, kites are more fun than art.

Alvares is known worldwide for his multi-cellular box kite decorated by students from across Australia.

He is also one of the world’s most avid kite stamp collectors, swapping information and items with other collectors around the world.

“In the past,” Michael says, “kites have been associated with children’s toys but my motto is ‘why should children have all the fun?’”

Michael offers the following:

Whole day or 2 hour kite displays.
Kite workshops for all age groups at various times through the day.
Spectacular Chinese Dragon kites and 120 meter long kite trains.
Colourful windsocks and Japanese Koi.
Decorating the ground with banners and wind sculptures.
Kite flying at night with acrobatic stunt kites with lights.
Decorating the sky with a vast range of kites.