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Vince Sorrenti

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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

The Windjammers

The Windjammers
A crew of accomplished musicians / singers who specialise in both traditional and contemporary songs of the sea.
Included in their extensive repertoire is a wealth of Shanties relating to the tradition of the sea and the great age of the square riggers.
Shanties were the work songs of these magnificent ships sung by the Shanty man while the ship’s crew performed various tasks such as hauling the halyard, stowing cargo, heaving on the capstan to raise the anchor and furling sails before a storm.
The Windjammers appeal to audiences of all age groups who love to participate in the sing along chorus’ of these rousing songs.
A unique group with a wealth of experience gained over the years appearing at festivals and maritime functions in WA and around Australia.
The ship is rigged and ready to sail, ready to ensure that your next event is a success.

The Windjammers - Whip Jamboree (3,589 KB) The Windjammers - Boston Harbour (1,604 KB) The Windjammers - Queensland Whalers (3,804 KB)