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Tod Johnston

Tod Johnston
Tod Johnston would have to be one of the most diverse performers in the entertainment industry and his experience spans across many different genres in the form of singer, television host, radio announcer, songwriter, producer, master of ceremonies and corporate host.

Todís career began in music and also as host of a music video show on Channel Ten, followed by a role presenting childrenís television entertainment. Todís Environmental Science degree was well utilised when he spent many years as the Channel Nine Weather Presenter in Perth. Tod has travelled Western Australia and nationally on the Nine Network as a lifestyle presenter Ė showcasing the endless variety of intriguing people and locations. More recently he was seen as host of Destination WA and in guest roles on various lifestyle productions. Tod is also the West Australian presenter for ITV London, appearing on television in the UK showcasing Australia.

Much of his time has been spent not only on camera and on stage but in person out in the community raising awareness to the environment, supporting charitable organisations and providing great entertainment either with his band or as the speaker for many corporate events.

Tod is known in his home state of Western Australia as the consummate professional Ė whether it be performing as lead singer in his popular band Peace Love, hosting national and international conferences as MC and facilitator or presenting the wonders of his own state to a wider television audience. Todís extensive work background in media, entertainment and communications makes him an ideal choice to appeal to all ages, backgrounds and occasions.