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Patria Jafferies

Patria Jafferies
Australian National Telstra Businesswoman of the Year in 2000, Patria Jafferies is one of Australia’s premier brand strategists.

Instrumental in the development of the Matilda Bay Breweries brand before cofounding Dome Coffee Australia Pty Ltd in 1990,and transforming it into the most significant consumer brand to emerge from Australia in over two decades, Patria
is also widely recognised as one of the countries most visionary marketers.

Patria, together with her business partner Phil May, grew Dôme Coffees from a small specialist wholesale coffee roaster to a multi-million dollar international importer, exporter, franchiser, retailer and restaurant enterprise, in less than a decade.

Today, the company has achieved close to 100 outlets operating in six countries and a manufacturing and wholesaling operation of packaged products under the Dome and associated brands. A veteran of the brand industry in the US, Patria moved to WA in 1986 when she joined Matilda Bay Brewery.

There she successfully launched several new beer concepts in quick succession, including Matilda Bay
Pilsner, Dogbolter, Redback.

Patria’s foresight in seeing the parallels between the wine industry, breweries and the yet to be developed retail coffee industry, led her to develop a branding strategy that is considered today to be the most significant consumer brand development to emerge in this country in recent years. She is in expert in presenting on the challenges which retailers face:
• Shifting Demand
• Increasing Competition
• Increasing Retail Power
• Creating Brand Value

Patria’s success formula relied as much on packaging as it did the actual product. In the same manner as Walt Disney used the personality of an animated mouse to provide a high level of recognition for products at a retail level, so Patria created an indelible Dôme image of choice and quality, surrounding it with a position and personality structure to spearhead her products into the market. It was a very successful strategy.

Formerly on the Reserve Bank’s Small Business Finance Advisory Panel for 3 years, and Arts WA’s Capital Venture Board for 2 years, Patria now sits on the Board of Australian Chamber Orchestra, Cullen Wines, Solaris Care and her own company, Marketing Innovations. Incorporated to provide research and market evaluation that will lead to commercialisation of quality projects, its purpose is to serve as a think tank for the business community.

Testimonial - Ethel Sale, Elders

Patria was the best conference speaker we have ever had and that he will put in a recommendation to use her as a speaker for our national conference this year.

Testimonial - Danielle Masurik, GEACC

Patria was absolutely fantastic. Her story was inspirational and very motivating; particularly for other WA based business owners. Patria was approachable, down to earth and professional. She shared some amazing stories and our workshop attendees hung off her every word. I would highly recommend Patria as a keynote speaker.