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The Black Sorrows

The Black Sorrows
One of Australia’s most-loved bands - who have sold more than one million albums and released classic singles such as Chained To The Wheel, Harley & Rose and Hold On To Me - returns with their first new studio album in eight years. Roarin Town sits comfortably alongside The Black Sorrows’ classics. The album even features a song that’s a sequel of sorts to Harley & Rose. “I look upon Levi as the son of Harley & Rose,” Joe Camilleri smiles. “If they had a baby, it would be Levi.

“With its intoxicating mix of joyous, uplifting music and heartbreaking songs about love gone wrong, Roarin Town recalls the Sorrows’ best work. But it’s no nostalgia trip. The album is a bold step forward for an artist who’s never been afraid of change. With Roarin Town, this masterful musical chameleon is taking us on another unforgettable trip.

Joe wrote the songs with long-time collaborator and one-time Black Sorrows member Nick Smith (with whom he’s written most of the Sorrows’ classics, including Chained To The Wheel, Harley & Rose, Hold On To Me, Mystified, Daughters Of Glory and The Crack-Up).

Roarin Town - the Black Sorrows’ 10th album, excluding compilations and live releases - is an album of great songs; A-grade songs, as Joe calls ‘em. Eight years after the last Sorrows’ album and 22 years after their debut, Joe Camilleri has got his mojo back. Yep, The Black Sorrows are back.

Welcome to their Roarin Town.