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Anni MacBeth

Anni MacBeth
Describing the face of the business world up to 30 years from now is the speciality of trend forecaster and futurist Anni Macbeth, also known as Annimac.

With a foot firmly set in the future, Annimac - who heads Annimac Consultants - is currently commanding immense corporate and government attention for her strong views on the political, economic, social, and cultural changes impacting us now and how we must operate for a healthy sustainable future.

Business, government, education, the professions - the Establishment in general - come in for fiery criticism for being Jurassic, not moving with the times into this 21st century, and not paying attention to the immense changes, particularly in values and attitudes, already occurring around us.

Annimac works with business and government leaders to shift their thinking, to understand what the future may bring and to gain new knowledge to successfully manage their change.

She has spent more than 35 years in six countries building up a highly respected background in new venture creation, psychology, hi-tech innovation, media, arts management, change management and now future trends.

In Australia since 1970, Annimac has been recognised for her achievements by Who’s Who in Australia and overseas since 1983. For years she has had her own column in the Perth’s weekly newspaper Business News and now appears regularly on ABC radio,

Annimac’s lively workshops, seminars, presentations and consultancies, plus her Executive Coaching, show top management and their organisations how to turn corporate anarchy into healthy chaos, to manage change, to gear up for the future and become the organisations and people they want to be while always finding the win-win-win outcome.