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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

Patrick McMahon

Patrick McMahon
Patrick McMahon Patrick McMahon was born the youngest of six children and was raised in the most idyllic surroundings in the south west of Western Australia. Growing up on a farm instilled in Patrick a great love for nature and the rural scene in general. Even today, he loves to spend time working on his antique tractor collection. As a young person, Patrick listened to an amazing cross section of music that would later influence his songwriting. His inspiration comes from the likes of Willie Nelson, Pink Floyd, Slim Dusty, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, John Lee Hooker and The Band. If you listen to any of Patrick's original material, he has a wonderful gift for 'story songs' and is clearly ‘Dylan-esque’ in his writing. Patrick and his band have become well known and highly respected in the Australian corporate scene and are regularly booked for high profile events because of their dynamic and uplifting performances. In the year 2000 Patrick was given the honour of performing at the opening of Olympic Football for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The venue was Hindmarsh Stadium in South Australia where he performed before a live audience of 17,000 people and a worldwide viewing audience of millions. Patrick is without a doubt one of Australia's most popular live performers. His unique ability to entertain and uplift an audience with his energy and enthusiasm guarantees the success of any event. He is the ultimate "motivational singer"!