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Rhonda Burchmore

Rhonda Burchmore
Rhonda is Australia's best known leading lady. She is a multi award winning star of musical theatre, television and is our most acclaimed cabaret star. Rhonda has starred in musicals such as Hot Shoe Shuffle, Sugar Babies and more recently Mamma Mia. After starring in London and working on Broadway, Rhonda has turned to touring Australia in her own production of Rhonda Burchmore in Concert.

From Television to the big screen, musical theatre to opera to cabaret, there are few entertainment mediums that Rhonda Burchmore has not embraced with her wide ranging talents. A performer since the age of two, Rhonda trained in singing, acting and dancing and was awarded a scholarship to the University of New England where she majored in Theatre Arts.

Throughout her career Rhonda has made a distinctive impression on audiences with her dazzling dance steps, superb comic timing, effervescent personality, her super-model looks and not least of all, her stunning voice.