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Professor Geoffrey Blainey

Professor Geoffrey Blainey
Professor Geoffrey Blainey is one of Australia’s best-known authors and commentators.

His first book was published when he was in his early twenties and since then he has written another 30. His book, The Tyranny of Distance, now in its 21st edition, has given Australia one of its most widely quoted phrases. His recent book, A Short History of The World. Has won a wide circle of readers all over the world. In 2001 he gave the annual Boyer Lectures on the ABC.

He has written weekly columns for a variety of daily newspapers. His televised history of Australia, The Blainey View, was shown in ten episodes on ABC television. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences in dozens of cities in Australia and overseas.

For twenty years he held chairs in economic history and then in plain history at the University of Melbourne.

He has been the chairman of many institutions including the Australia Council, the University of Ballarat, the Australia – China Council, and the Commonwealth Literary Fund. He is at present on the council of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and a variety of other civic bodies. He was the chairman of the National Council for the Centenary of Federation, which organised the nationwide celebrations marking, in 2001, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Commonwealth.

At the United Nations in 1998, - along with the celebrated economist Professor JK Galbraith – he was awarded a gold medal for “excellence in the dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of mankind.” In the year 2000 he was made Companion of the Order of Australia.

Professor Blainey's topics include:

• A Short History of the World
• Australia in the Next 15 Years.
• Is the Lucky Country Alive or Dead?
• Australia and Asia - the 1000 Billion Dollar Question.
• The 2000's - A Decade of Opportunity?
• Japan and Australia - Past present and Future.
• The Greenhouse Effect.
• How will 11th September 2001 Reshape the world?