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Anh Do

Anh Do
The story begins in the Indian Ocean - 1980. An 8 metre fishing boat with 47 Vietnamese Refugees cramped in like sardines. A 2 year old boy is sick from de-hydration, his desperate mother can do nothing to help him – water ran out days ago, and so far one person has died.

Fast forward to Australia - 2008. The little boy is 30 years old and has been voted Comedian of the Year. He is recognised by kids and adults alike who call out jokes they’ve heard on Rove Live, Thank God You’re Here and Dancing With the Stars. He’s entertained, motivated and inspired thousands and thousands at corporate events in Australia and throughout the world.

Recently you’ve seen Anh on Thank God You’re Here, Spicks and Specks and Rove Live. In fact, he is one of only a small handful of Australian comedians who has appeared on US and UK TV. Many of you might also have seen Anh in any of his 5 feature film roles, including starring opposite Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving.

Anh’s corporate clients are a list of Australia’s biggest companies, including Telstra, McDonald’s, Toyota, and he is the comedian of choice whom John Howard and Kevin Rudd call upon when they need someone whom they can trust to host their event.

Anh’s immense popularity and suitability as a corporate entertainer probably has to do with his dark and shameful past. Anh started out as a lawyer. After studying law and commerce for 5 years Anh got job offers from both law and accounting firms. He could’ve been Australia’s funniest accountant or even Western Sydney’s most charismatic Lawyer. He turned down both to become a comedian and has since won every comedy award in NSW – Anh is the only comedian to have ever achieved this feat.

The ups and downs, trials and tribulations, difficulties and successes of a refugee during those 2 decades makes for an incredible and amazing inspirational tale that has the audience gripped with emotion one minute and then howling with laughter the next. The result is always a room that has been transformed.

From language difficulties to divorcing parents, from being broke to being bullied, from becoming a lawyer to becoming Comedian of the Year, Anh uses all his life’s experiences to lift an audience to great heights of inspired motivation.