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Vince Sorrenti

Vince Sorrenti

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Tom O'Toole

Tom O'Toole
Tom O’Toole is the charismatic and inspirational ‘Baker’ from Beechworth. His bakery has become one of Australia’s greatest business success stories.

Tom shares how he took on a bakery in a small, dying, and isolated county town with a population of 3,000 people: from two staff to 200 full and part timers; from an annual turnover of $100,000 to in excess of $8 million; now serving well over 600,000 customers per year; and the rebirth of a community.

Tom’s Beechworth Bakery has become the highest earning single bakery retailer in Australia, and winner of National & State Marketing & Business Awards. His business model is being emulated around the world. Tom has now opened successful bakeries in other parts of regional Victoria including Bendigo, Albury, Echuca and is soon to open in Healesville and Western Australia.

Tom is a self confessed Kindergarten drop out. Poorly educated as a child and from an impoverished childhood he has experienced the lowest of lows but is now a beaming icon of an entire industry. Tom O’Toole is one of a kind, and all Australians who own a business owe it to themselves to get a dose of his insights.

“My bread is probably no better than the rest,
but our service vision lifts us right out of the crowd.”

Customer service training for staff includes extensive ongoing education programs in tourism marketing, business planning, Aussie Host and industry exchanges from Australia and overseas. Product knowledge is shared extensively in Australia and overseas through visits to other bakeries and visiting bakers.

Testimonial - WA Tourism Commission

“Excellent… Exceeded all our expectations – hilariously fun & motivational yet filled with numerous business tips & words of wisdom. Reaches all levels. Highly Recommended.”

Testimonial - Hon. Tim Fischer

“There are motivational coaches, there are management consultants, there are get up and go gurus everywhere but there's only one Tom O'Toole. He gets on with the job with a method, motivation, and modus operandi which can be applied way beyond his own business to almost every situation in building team spirit, making things positive and getting the job done.”

Testimonial - McDonalds

“Excellent. Tom’s presentation was inspirational and entertaining. He captured the attention of a young group of managers and held their focus for over the hour he spoke.”