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Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy
KEVIN SHEEDY is one of the Australian Football Leagues most enduring coaches, and arguably the most imaginative in the history of the craft. A player and coach for more than 36 years, Kevin has an unsurpassed record of involvement in eight Premierships and in 1998 Kevin broke the record for coaching more professional AFL games than anyone else in history.

Kevin Sheedy finished his coaching career with Essendon in 2007.


Much of his work is coupled with an effort to maintain a high profile for the Essendon Football Club, Australian Rules Football and sport in general. He excels at Presentations on “Positive And Lateral Thinking’” encouraging staff and management to “think outside the square: for company and personal pride”. Presentation requests include: “Building a Team”: “Developing Young Employees”: “Coping With Change”: “Empowerment AND/OR Leadership In The Workplace.” Sheedy’s successful coaching career anecdotes coupled with a selection of inspirational videos, produce powerful motivational sessions.