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Darren Flanagan

Darren Flanagan
BBC Entertainment presents Darren Flanagan. Darren Flanagan was crucial to the rescue of Todd Russell and Brant Webb from the infamous Beaconsfield mine disaster.Nicknamed “The Gun” by Todd and Brant, Darren Flanagan was the man who charged and fired 65 shots of explosives that eventually released them from their tomb 925m underground.

Darren Flanagan’s electrifying, emotional and detailed story about one of Australia’s most dramatic mine rescues inspires and impresses. Darren Flanagan's story has captivated corporate audiences and view ers of programs including Sunrise at Seven, The Today Show, A Current Affair and Sixty Minutes.

Darren Flanagan’s quiet life changed the night he w as picked up in a private Lear Jet and taken to the Beaconsf ield mine in Tasmania w here he w as to play an essential role in one of Australia’s most dramatic rescue operations. For a full week after his arrival, Darren Flanagan was underground test blasting on the 630m level to simulate something he’d hoped he w ould never do -
something that had never been done before in the world.

Using specialist explosives Darren Flanagan began blasting his way tow ard the two trapped men. Darren Flanagan worked in a 16 metre long cracked and broken tunnel, just one metre in diameter and almost 1km beneath the earth’s surface for 29 hours straight, soaked to the bone f rom ice cold water.

Firing that very first shot was the hardest thing Darren Flanagan ever did in his life. Darren Flanagan was petrified and so were Todd and Brant. The problem was that every other method to reach the boys had already been tried and failed. The blasting was their last chance.

Darren Flanagan crawled over razor sharp rocks, letting of f 65 explosions – all the time in contact w ith Todd and Brant by phone. The tension in the air as Darren Flanagan prepared the final shot was unbelievable.

Amazingly, Darren Flanagan was able to bring the rescuers to within less than 30 centimeters of Todd and Brant. His extraordinary courage and incredible achievements when faced with natural disaster demonstrate the capacity of ordinary people to perform under extreme pressure.

Darren Flanagan talks about:
• Achievements
• Inspiration
• Motivation
• Risk Management

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