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Laserman Experience

Laserman Experience
BBC Entertainment present the LASERMAN EXPERIENCE - a magical illusion (and a secret one!) invented for the manipulation of light and made powerful with laser.

Beams of laser light are manipulated right in front of your eyes! Watch the laws of physics crumble when the performer actually ‘holds’ a beam of light in his hands, splits it into two, bend them and spins them around like a light saber!

The 2D Laserman Experience show entails a small stage laser, only 5cms thick and can be places easily by a stage hand. The Laserman Experience performance is 4.5 minutes long and is a show purely based around single beams of laser manipulated by the performer.

The 3D Laserman Experience show is a much larger stage, 1.2M x 1.8M x .6M and utilises a 3Watt laser as well as single beam lasers. The performance is 7.5 minutes long and not only includes hand manipulated beams but 3 dimensional effects around the performer.

The Laserman Experience show was honoured with a Silver Wand Award at the Monte-Carlo Magic Stars and later that year received a highly coveted First Place ILDA Awards for the Special Applications at the International Laser Display Association conference in Brussels—the equivalent of an Oscar in the world or Lasers.

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