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Josephine and Goggles

Josephine and Goggles
Goggles is a wonderful soft, cuddly goose who loves children. He is very aware of how different children respond to him and is gentle and loveable.

Why not let Josephine & Goggles meet & greet your children? They can create loads of fun & even hand out balloon sculptures!

Josephine has a special gift with children and they are drawn to her beaming smile and bubbly personality.

Join Josephine and Goggles on a story-telling adventure. Look at beautiful pictures and discover how Goggles goes from Zero to Hero and why he says that although we are all different - I am Special!

Josephine and Goggles guarantee the children will leave the show feeling spiritually uplifted and extra special!

Join Josephine and Goggles on a musical adventure...

Singing, dancing, laughing and shouting to all your favourite tunes. Also enjoy listening to some of the children sing on stage too.

Josephine and Goggles guarantee their shows are highly interactive, will capture the children’s attention.