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Jeremy Goodchild

Jeremy Goodchild
Caricaturist Jeremy has drawn for years.  As a boy, exaggerated drawings of teachers and other students caused ripples of laughter around the classroom.  But what was once just an uncanny knack has over the years become a honed skill. 

When Jeremy looks at a face, he sees the same distinctive something we all see... but then he puts it on paper.  It's that elusive image in our brains that communicates the person, the character, the soul.  And once it's captured we can't forget it.  Because it makes us laugh.

Give your guests a memento of the occasion to take home with them. Caricatures are fun and interactive, and make for great conversation starters. Lots of laughs for young and old.

As the saying goes, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. If this is the case, then from what Jeremy does with a pen, he should have been in jail years ago on multiple counts of grievous bodily harm. Caricatures - the perfect gift idea or function crowd pleaser.

Jeremy is professional and non-intrusive. You will be surprised how many people will pose for him!

Testimonial - Caroline Bush, Directions WA

"Hi Jeremy, Everybody loved your drawings, congratulations. I will keep you in mind for any future events and THANK YOU once again. You were the highlight of the afternoon!