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Hoodoo Gurus

Hoodoo Gurus
The Hoodoo Gurus got together in Sydney on January 1st 1981 to play their first "show" in a inner city lounge room. Core members are Dave Faulkner and Brad Shepherd.

Their first single was "Leilani", followed by "Tojo" and "My Girl" which were both released in 1983. Album number 1 - "Stoneage Romeos", was named Australian Debut Album of the Year and was released in America where it stayed at number 1 in the Alternative / College charts for 7 weeks, becoming one of the most played albums for the year on the college network. Drummer Mark Kingsmill joins in time for their first tour of the United States.

Album number 2 - "Mars Needs Guitars" went gold within three weeks and platinum shortly afterwards. The singles were "Bittersweet" and "Like Wow-Wipeout!", "Death Defying" and "Poison Pen".

Album number 3 - "Blow Your Cool", released 1986 with the single 'What's My Scene” becoming the band's highest charting single. "

Album number 4 - "Magnum Cum Louder" is released in 1989 with the unforgettable singles "Axegrinder" and "Come Anytime". More gold, then platinum.

Album number 5 - "Kinky" released in 1991 with the singles "Miss Freelove '69" and "1000 Miles Away" hitting the top 40 charts.

Albums 6 ~ 7 - the band's first compilation album brings together all their Australian singles to date under the title "Electric Soup" and is released in mid 1992 along with a collection of their b-sides and rarities, "Gorilla Biscuit".

Album number 8 - "Crank', joins all the previous Hoodoo Gurus studio albums in going gold within weeks of release. "The Right Time" is the first single released and is followed up with "You Open My Eyes", the first to be written and sung by guitarist Brad Shepherd.

March ’97 sees the band play to some 40,000 people throughout Brazil. October 1997 - The Hoodoo Gurus announce the dates for their farewell tour of Australia. The “Spit The Dummy” tour has the band doing some 58 shows in pubs around Australia during November, December and the first two weeks of January. They play to over 115,000 people, arguably the biggest and most successful pub tour in Australia ever.

In 2005 some of Australia’s best bands joined together to pay tribute to the Hoodoo Gurus by recording their own versions of the classic songs from the first album under the title “Stoneage Cameos”.

The Hoodoo Gurus continue on their wonderful journey!