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Mick Colliss

Mick Colliss
Mick Colliss is an author, poet and rugby commentator.

Growing up, Mick Colliss dreamed of playing for Australia. He competed in everything from rugby union to lawn balls, but wasnít good enough at any of the sports he tried. Then, when all hope seemed lost, he discovered sudoku, the addictive 9x9 grid puzzle that appears on a daily basis in nearly every newspaper around the world.

He wasnít any good at that either. In fact, heíd never even completed a sudoku puzzle. But it didnít stop him picking himself and three rugby mates in the Australian Sudoku team, and travelling to India to represent his country at the World Sudoku Championships.

Mickís story is uniquely Australian. As funny as it is inspiring, itís about having a go and living your dream. Itís about making the most of your opportunities, overcoming a lack of talent, embracing failure and never giving up, despite how high the odds are stacked against you.

ďThere is no such thing as failure. Sure, I may have finished 89th out of 89 at the world sudoku championships, but thatís 89th in the world. Thatís like 89th out of 6 billion. Iíll take that any day.Ē
- Mick Colliss