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Patrick Hollingworth

Patrick Hollingworth
In May 2010 Patrick Hollingworth became only the third West Australian to stand on the summit of Mount Everest. His journey to fulfill his life-long dream is an inspiring one which is well articulated in his presentation and supported by amazing photos and video footage from the climb – it’s so real that you’ll leave his presentation feeling like you’ve just climbed Mount Everest too!

Patrick Hollingworth is a normal, everyday person from the flattest state in Australia who had a passion to climb the highest mountain in the World. A ten-year apprenticeship served in the World’s greatest mountain ranges in Canada, Alaska, France, Pakistan, Nepal and Tibet saw him gain an impressive resume of climbing experiences which enabled him to fulfill his dream in May 2010. Summitting Mount Everest reinforced Patrick’s belief that passion, self-belief and a dogged persistence can empower normal individuals to achieve great things.

Patrick’s enthusiasm for his climbing shines through in his presentations, as does his stunning still and video footage from the summits of the world’s highest mountains. During his 10 year journey, Patrick encountered numerous set-backs, including the loss of climbing friends and himself coming close to dying from a severe altitude illness whilst climbing a mountain not far from Everest; as such his presentations include a certain element of rawness.

Patrick’s talk aims to present a working example of how an ordinary person can achieve extraordinary outcomes by identifying a long-term objective and then achieving it by ticking the necessary boxes.

When he’s not climbing mountains, Patrick works as an environmental consultant, and specialises in conducting environmental impact assessment for marine and coastal infrastructure projects for the oil and gas and land development industries.

Mount Everest Presentation from Patrick Hollingworth on Vimeo.