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Johnny Ruffo

Johnny Ruffo
Singer/dancer Johnny Ruffo has been performing since he was 10. Self-taught, his moves impressed everyone but Mel B at auditions. The other judges, however, saw raw potential during his performance of Jay Sean’s ‘Do You Remember’.

The 23-year-old from Balcatta, Western Australia is a concreter by day but his heart lies with music. “I work in construction so I can fund my dream which is my music.”

He got into the concreting business thanks to his Italian father Pasquale who works in the trade. While he and his mother Jill split when he was very young, their family is still incredibly close.

Prior to The X Factor, Johnny was performing around Perth with electro-pop band Supanova. “It’s good fun. I love it.” A keen songwriter, Johnny has a “bucket load of songs” ready to record. “I try and write about past experiences,” says the single heart throb. “I’ve had long term relationships that have ended well, some have ended badly. You try and draw from those experiences.”

Like his idols Michael Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake, he hopes to combine his love for singing and dance. “My dream is to sing and dance in front of the whole world eventually. When I get up on stage, I try and put on a complete show with everything from the singing and dancing to costumes.”

While he loves to move, he realises he can’t get carried away with dancing. “I need to find a good balance where I can dance enough to entertain the crowd but not too much to hinder my vocals.”

Meeting singer/dancer Beyonce during home-town visits was hugely beneficial. “She finds a good balance. If you dance too much your breathing is going to suffer and she does it perfectly. I asked her how she does it. She said it just comes with discipline.”

With Guy Sebastian as his mentor, Johnny has his sights set on winning. “I’d love to win,” he says. “I love music and I want the whole world to know that. Selling records here and internationally would be a dream come true.”
Aside from music, Johnny’s a mad AFL fan and enjoys staying in shape.