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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment


What do you get when the worlds of professional musicians merge on the West Coast of Australia? You guessed it..... Pure adrenalized Rock 'n Soul. ………And that's DAKOTA. But this isn’t your average band. Spawned from a number of professional 'originals' acts both in Western Australia and the UK, DAKOTA is an eclectic mix of Classic Rock and Soul in its purest sense. DAKOTA are a combination of Male and Female Vocals and harmonies, Lead guitar,Keyboards and a Bass and Drum rhythm section that could level a cell block. DAKOTA delivers an onslaught of sound to quench the thirstiest punters of Rock and Soul. So if you're looking for a band that delivers enjoyment and entertainment then look no further. Do yourself a favour and rejoice in the tunes that forged nations, just as you'd expect to hear it.

Flame Jump (5,305 KB) Flame Jet Lag (3,957 KB) Valerie (4,250 KB) Let Me Entertain You (6,352 KB)