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- Giant Bubble: n. 1. (species name Bubblus Maximus) refers to bubbles exceeding five metres in length. 2. rare species of bubble phenomenon known to appear only with Bubblemania. 3. native to outdoor festivals. 4. can be detected by atmosphere of happiness, wonder and awe which is generated by their presence.

Bubble Venture’s Giant Bubble Workshops are hugely popular with all ages. The workshops are 100% hands-on to allow all participants the opportunity to create the biggest and most beautiful soap bubbles in their life! Most stretch to several meters in length or diameter! A bubbleologist will bring all the equipment, experience, and energy necessary to make this activity a hit for all participants.

Giant Bubble Blowing Activities enable the general public to blow the biggest soap bubbles of their entire lives. Grandmas, teenagers, toddlers - everyone gets involved blowing, catching, dodging, popping bubbles. Giant Bubble Blowing Activities is hands-on entertainment that is both culturally and age-inclusive.

Monster Bubbles is the best way to instantly create a festive atmosphere at your event. Our bubble performer will create Australia’s largest soap bubbles, filling the air with exquisite colour, form and beauty. These joy-filled bubbles will give your guests a celebratory experience they will always remember.