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Adam & Selina

Adam & Selina
Adam & Selina are Australian Brother-Sister illusionists and entertainers who have performed together since the late 1990's. Most widely known for their large scale illusions and cutting edge approach to the art of magic.

The award winning duo have been seen by over 30 million people and have captured audiences worldwide. From exclusive private parties and high-end corporate events to headlining international tours, they have also been featured on major television networks, prime-time television shows and even performed for Middle Eastern Royalty.

Witness as they materialise out of thin air, make the invisible become visible, levitate, melt through solid matter, escape from impossible restraints and even teleport from one location to another instantly and much more!

Young, modern and diversely talented., Adam & Selina are an evolutionary leap of modern day illusionists. It is the powerful synergy of their wholesome characters, playful and charming personalities and their extraordinary abilities that make them the ultimate family-friendly entertainment experience for audiences of the 21st Century.

Adam & Selina's magic truly needs to be seen, to be believed! Enquire now to find out more.

Testimonial - Jenny Harrington, Happening events

“ Adam Murby was absolutely excellent. He is a lovely fresh faced young man with excellent interpersonal skills, and rapport with the clients and his interactive energy is uplifting. Great smile as well’

Testimonial - Linda Stenning, Bankwest

“Adam Murby - Absolutely fantastic. His illusions, and amazing cutlery bending had myself and many other staff mesmerised. Adam worked the room extremely well, ensuring he managed to captivate a number of small audience groups throughout the room.I would recommend Adam to any corporate event/Function''

Testimonial - Mirvac

“Adam is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL & we LOVED him!!! He is funny and engaging, witty and charming, clever and I have absolutely no idea how he does what he does!!! Adam is a very talented young man & you should be very proud to have him associated with your company. We just wish we had him for the whole night... he was great!”