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Absolute Kylie

Absolute Kylie
As seen on "AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT" and given a "YES" from Dannii Minogue! Absolute Kylie (Sarah Harmony) performed in front of one someone who know's Kylie very well - her sister! Dannii Minogue gave Absolute Kylie the thumbs up and a "yes" through to the next round after saying “I have seen a lot of people impersonate my sister around the world... you look very similar to her, the costumes are fantastic….you’re a good showgirl, definitely. You put on a good show!"

With stunning replica costumes, amazing live singing, a talented troupe of dedicated Kylie-esque dancers, high energy, engaging performances (including humour and audience participation) and all the well known chart topping Kylie hits - you will have your guests believing Ms Minogue is the star of your event!

Absolute Kylie has performed internationally (China, Malaysia), nationally (Melbourne, Sydney) and in both regional and local WA.

Absolute Kylie can perform with up to six dancers as one 45 minute set or 2 x 35 minute sets. (Solo appearances can also be made with a maximum performance time of 30 minutes)

Testimonial - Cheryl Jabour, Group Training Australia

“The show was great - the room had a good vibe all night and the show just slotted in beautifully. The girls looked great and Sarah has a fantastic voice. I had a few comments about staff chatting to their bosses about why don't they have fun shows like that at their dinners!”

Testimonial - Daniel Smith

"And, I guess I can't conclude without mentioning Absolute Kylie and her dancers. As a Kylie fan, I think I am fairly safe in saying that our Perth version is actually a better singer than the original and certainly has the stage presence. There was no better exhibition of this than her classy handling of technical issues mid-set."

Testimonial - Nigel Etherington

“LOOK OUT GIRLS, camera coming through, IS THAT KYLIE? It’s our girl from Perth, Absolute Kylie. Mind Blowing............just blew me away.........Absolute Kylie did it for me. A great night out at The Court for some real top AUSTRALIAN talent.”