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Zatanna, Queen of Illusion

Zatanna, Queen of Illusion
If you are looking for the WOW factor, this is your show! It covers an array of possibilities, from a one woman show with a minimal set-up, break down and stage space up to a “Las-Vegas” style illusion show including show girls…and of course everything in between. Zatanna offers an array of different customised shows to suit your event style, guests and budget, whether it is a small gathering or a huge function with 1000 guests, and everything in between. The floor/stage shows can also be themed to your wish if possible (French, Super heroes, Halloween and more)

Also ideal for cocktail functions where Zatanna is roving around and interacting with your guest, leaving them amazed after seeing miracles with money, rings, rope, cards, reading their mind or even with their own mobile phones. It is a very flexible type of magic and also very strong as it is performed in the hands of the spectators at 30 centimetres from their eyes. The ideal icebreaker for any kind of event!

Mentalism: Also called psychological illusions, ideal in a quiet environment where you get the crowd’s attention it’s a very versatile show as it can be done in a parlour setting or on a stage and is suitable from a small audience like 5 and up to 1000 guests. The other advantage there is very little set-up and break down. Zatanna will read your mind, predict the future, use her fantastic memory, bend some steel with her mind and will convince the more skeptical of her super powers.