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Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

James Sleight

James Sleight
James Sleight is a multi award winning magician with a cheeky charm which captures any audience. He is constantly in demand throughout Western Australia working at the very highest level of functions and events.

James is also known on the international market as an entertainer who can adapt quickly to his environment and provide the perfect show to provide high impact, memorable entertainment.

Whilst performing his close up magic, James will usually do a lightning fast routine with rubber bands which won James a national award and left Australia's top magicians shocked and stunned. This is one people will definately be talking about later.

James has a very funny participation routine with sponge balls (one of James's trademark pieces and great entertainment).

James will also give a demonstration of “the worlds smallest washing machine” (so small it's actually invisible) which is simply crazy fun and amazing magic.

Another of his specialties, unbelievable card tricks where you will just not believe these things are possible without any clue as to how he does it, and of course lots and lots of fun and comedy.

To get just a taste of what James might do in your floorshow - picture the fun as you watch James fast talk a member of your audience into putting their head in the “bloke's vegetable slicing machine” (a six foot guillotine) “just to feel the comfort of the stress relieving head rest”. You won't believe the number of laughs in this very witty and funny routine.

Another lucky volunteer will get to help as James performs his signature piece where he demonstrates how to disco dance whilst doing his linking ring routine. This trick is a classic of magic and James's routine is not only hilarious but even leaves other magicians scratching their heads.

To say that audience participation with James is fun to watch would be like saying that Moses did a little water trick.

Testimonial - Helen Clee, Ross Huges Property

We all thoroughly enjoyed James. Thank you!

Testimonial - Selina Gates, Westfarmers CSBP Limited

James always manages to keep the audience involved and laughing and his magic tricks are impossible to figure out. I have no hesitation in recommending James to anyone who wants a professional, high class entertainer.

Testimonial - Marilyn Carrigg, Perth Surgicentre

Thank you most sincerely for the incredible show of magic on Friday night. Your great skills made this Dinner one to be talked about and remembered for many months to come.