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John Burgess

John Burgess
John Burgess is the face and the voice that’s helped make Australian television and radio history – that alone makes him a survivor in one of the toughest and longest games of all – showbiz!

Affectionately known as “Baby” John Burgess, he’s this country’s longest serving TV game show host. His name is, and always will be, synonymous with Wheel of Fortune and Catch Phrase.

As a celebrity he’s been on the inside of tv wars, crazed fans, stars, fame, fortune and scandal yet this year John Burgess marks a milestone – 50 years on-air.

It’s an achievement few in the entertainment industry will ever celebrate.

The late media mogul Kerry Packer fought to win him from Seven. Radio legend, John Laws, discovered him, and at the peak of his career “Baby” John Burgess was earning more than the Prime Minister of Australia.

But long before John Burgess soared to television stardom, he was king of the airwaves on radio. In the 70s and 80s he was the envy of radio announcers across the country with show after show hitting number one.

Along with the radio & TV success stories he has also been keenly sort after as a speaker & host at corporate functions, charity drives & awards nights around Australia. He has also appeared on Studio 10 on CH10, The Morning Show on CH7 & twice in as many weeks on the Today Show on CH9, so the profile is alive & well.