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Greg Smith (Smithy)

Greg Smith is an instant crowd pleaser.
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DJ Wildflower

DJ Wildflower
Now based over East, Kate Woolley, the pride behind the profile explores the sound with welcoming threads of disco and funk tips.

Owning an unyielding musical knowledge across all genres, she submerses herself while opening to the sounds of every corner of the dance music culture. The female tech finesse radiating from this wonder continues to prick the ears of those tuning in, boasting individuality like no other.

Kate was been lead into the world of professional DJ’ing where spinning the tracks that plug into her soul completely moved her into delivering tunes to full dance floors. Her high-energy performance style is as captivating as her track selection and continuously appeals across a range of ages and musical tastes. From the high-end entertainment lead for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Optus, Caltex and Amazon, from weddings to the clubs; Kate embraces an enviable profile to entertain any guest.

Talking about music, breathing the music and offering a package with the sound of her own beat- DJ Wildflower stands tall in the field of electronic mavericks.