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Juliana Frassatti Trio

Juliana Frassatti Trio
Juliana Frassatti was born in Brazil. Her music is like a translation of Brazilian history because it tells us the story of the nation due to her rhythmic influences and melodies which are very characteristic of Brazilian music.

Her music is eclectic and sophisticated. It includes rhythms like Igecha, Samba and Bossa Nova. She has been singing for 17 yrs. She has performed on regional and national TV, concerts in venues like major concert halls, and graduation parties in Brazil.

Today, Juliana Frassatti lives in Perth and is making a name for herself in the local musical scene. She is playing with some of the best musicians in Perth.

In addition to her influences with Brazilian rhythms, she also mixes Jazz and Latin Music with a unique sound full of originality and with a smooth and pleasant way to sing.