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Jessie James

Highly motivated and charismatic MC
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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

Dangerous Delights

Dangerous Delights
No matter the venue, these experienced Fire performers are the perfect addition to any event to enhance the night, and with a wide range of performance styles, you can be assured of the perfect fit for your individual event.

From high-energy dance beats to smooth classical numbers, they have the music and the moves to suit the mood. Their low-key and intimate roving brings you up close and personal with the sizzle and heat of the fire, while their multi-person performances awe and dazzle with some of the biggest fire props in town.

Testimonial - Jan Harrod, Salt on the Beach

"Your professionalism and performance skills were outstanding. The crowd was mesmerised by your talent. You themed the performance and music to match our event and were a standout performance on the night. Thank you"