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Artist Detail - BBC Entertainment

Sam Parrish

Sam Parrish
An extremely talented young man who entertains audiences across town. Available for corporate and private events. Sam Parrish is just 12, but he’s got a bag of tricks that mystify people of all ages. When Sam was just 8, his mum Tina gave her son a gift that set him on an unusual path. “I came home from the market,” she recalls. “And I bought ‘101 Magic Tricks for Boys’, and… he was fascinated, fascinated with it.”

And now, Sam has turned sleight-of-hand into a handy source of pocket money, entertaining customers at Fremantle restaurant Cicerellos. And has been a lot of media attention. The first media outlet to be interested in him was "The Herald" who did a front page article on him. He then became involved with "The Project" on channel Ten. He also got an interview with "Heidi, Will and Woody" on the 92.9 radio station. Since those original media slots Sam have been involved with "7:30 WA" and "Baz and Millsy" on 6pr.