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Suresh Rajan

Suresh Rajan
Suresh Rajan is a passionate advocate of things multicultural. He has lived and breathed multiculturalism for many years. He is an entertaining and engaging speaker and will do these things in a non-threatening fashion. In his one-day programme Suresh will introduce you to:

* The Diversity that is WA
* The truth about the statistics and the level of diversity
* Aspects of service delivery for the various religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism
* Practices that you need to adopt in catering for these differences
* The WA Charter of Multiculturalism
* The Substantive Equality programme in WA

Suresh is CEO of the Epilepsy Association of WA and President of the National Ethnic Disability Alliance.

This is an opportunity to engage one of WAs leading speakers on matters multicultural to bring your employees and associates up to date with the latest thinking in this area.

Suresh is also an excellent Master of Ceremonies and has hosted a number of major awards evenings and events